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[RP1] [ Yesung] Message to everyone

Hey everyone, I am fine
My leg is alright

So those of you in China, especially Wookie and Kyunnie
Not to worry~~~ Hyung here is just fine ^_________________________________________________^
Hyung will be up and running around with you guys~~~

Teukie hyung~~ You need to rest more!!! Your hip is hurting isnt it? -hugs-
Hyukkie ah, Minnie ah, Shindong ah, Kangin ah you guys can stop crying now!! DDDD:


-sends email-


*Sent an e-mail to Yesung*

You don't know how panicked we got here in China! Especially Kyunnie & Wookie!
They could barely touch the computer to see if you're okay due to their cries..

>___________< Hyung, please take care!

We prays the best for you, hyung-ah~~
We love you!
Tell them not to cry!!! DDDD:

You guys take care!!! Hyung is at home so I am fine
You guys are busier so you guys take care~~

Hyung loves you all too~~~
Stop crying!!! DDD:
*Is crying harder*

Promise us that you'll take care of yourself, hyung T______________T

Wo men ai ni, gege~~~~~~~~~~~

[OOC: Sorry.. I don't know if "wo men ai ni" is a right sentence x)]
(OOC: actually is okey.. wo is I and you use men to say more people... ai ni... well, you know what does this mean xD *claps* you're improving your chinese skills *claps again n.n*)
[OOC: Thank heavens then! :D I'll learn Mandarin after I graduate, actually. Haha, thanks! =333]

There there... Hyung is fine ^__________________^
So no need to cry~~~ Aigoooo...

Hyung is really really really fine!!!
Smile?? ^______^

*writes an email to Yesung*

You can't imagine how much I was worried about you~~
when I had got to know what happened to you...
I just hate finding out that something bad happened
to somebody who is really important for me, like you,
especially when I'm so far away and can't do anything...

Does it still hurt? I hope it doesn't...

But are you really ok or just said that
because you don't want to we're worried about you...?
Take care, please~~!

And how the guys are feeling?
I admire you all that you did it XD

*sends an email to Yesung*

Hyungs are all fine and better now~~ So no worries!!! ^____________^

How about you?? Have you recovered from your flu??? O_____o

*writing email*

How do you want me not to worry about yoou?! You are mad? >_<..! You know that you can’t run so much cause something can happen to you and you did it anyway.
Well, it’s you. You won’t listen ¬¬.

Are.. you sure that you’re fine? Doctor told you something special?
You should be resting more!

Running around us? No sir! Go to bed right now and rest!

And yes, please. Tell Teukie hyung that he needs rest, so please take care of him and hits some trouble makers head if they won’t listen.

And thinking about it, how does Kang In hyung make it? He is smoking so much... I bet that it was fun looking him almost fainting, and I bet that Teukie hyung was nagging him for his bad habit. Well… I hope that you’re making better.

Please stay safe and do not anything fool.
I care about you. Okay? So please, don’t make something fool just for the others.
Rest, you deserve it~! Cause you did it~! You finished the whole marathon.
You're a winner!

*sends email*

*sigh* He should had participated in that crazy marathon.. but.. well.. it seems that he is happy.

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Aigoooooo, Wookie ah~~
The way you say things 8DDD
If others didnt know you are a guy, They would probably think that you are my wife 8DDDDDDDDD

But relax~~~
Hyung here is really fine!! ^______________^
Yes Teukie hyung is resting now~~
So no worries ok?? ^_____________^