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Mar. 11th, 2008

R&G: KouRyu


Drop and Hold

Here's the place for dropping/holding role. Hold your role if you won't be active longer than a month. But you can't hold your role longer than three months, means if you can't post anything within three months, you have no choice but to drop it. Remember, you CAN'T have your role back once you've dropped it. You may have to claim a non-member or just become an ELF when you're active again later.

Tell me which role you want to drop/hold, the reason why you drop/hold it and for how long you want to hold it.

I'll re-open member reservation if someone from Super Junior members drops their role.

Mar. 4th, 2008

R&G: KouRyu



Below are tags you should use for your entry. Feel free to add other tags you want, but these tags are a must.

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Mar. 10th, 2008

R&G: KouRyu


new moderator, layout & moodtheme

Because I can't manage everything alone, I announce that uranaikko aka Nikko will be the second moderator for this community. She will handle the layout things because I'm really suck at CSS xDDD. We'll try do our best for this community and I hope you will do so by doing one thing: obey the rules. There will be some additions here and there, I'm working few things now.

And about the roles. We have four members and five others decided so far. The rest will be announced on March 11 (my UTC) omg it's tomorrow! *shocked* soon after I close members reservation. Pray, everyone. xDDD

Also, now I'm soooo tired, but really glad that I finally made it. 
Made what?

Haha... Applying new moodthemes! *dances*
Not all moods have been applied yet, but I'll do it later.
I worked it for almost two days and it was really............ indescribable. My finger tired for clicking the mouse on and on... You know how it feels, don't you...? T________T
But I'm satisfied. XDDDDD
I hope you guys like it, too. And if you wanna offer us new suju moodthemes or layouts, you're more than welcomed!

Mar. 4th, 2008

R&G: KouRyu




How to reserve?
Leave comment to this post. Tell me which member you want to take. Since it's only reservation, I'll give you three members to be reserved if you want to. But you will only take one in the end. as I've said in the comm info, if no one reserves the same role for two days, then you can officially take it. But if anyone does, RESERVATION FOR THE ROLE WILL BE CLOSED IN A WEEK AFTER THE FIRST RESERVATION POSTED, then I'll pick one of you randomly. Any questions should go here.

here's the list. Italic means reserved and bold means taken.

reserveCollapse )
EDIT April 12, 2008. 

R&G: KouRyu



WELCOME IN SUJU-LIFE, Super Junior Role Play Community. 


YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF THIS COMMUNITY. It makes sense, how can you post here if you’re not? xD 

and our community main language is english. So please use it in your every post. It doesn't matter if your English is not perfect, we’re all learning, and you've seen how terrible mine is. xD 


Each user is only allowed to take one role/member of the group and one role of the non-suju members (of course the latter is optional). We’re trying to give the chance for everyone. <3 

Every role on the group has to be reserved first. If no one reserves the same role for two days, then you can officially take the role, but if anyone else does it, reservation for the role will be closed in a week after the first reservation posted, then the maintainer will pick one of you randomly. If you want to play characters from outside the group, you only need to report it, not reserve it. It will automatically be yours. ELF doesn't have to make any report or reservation. Go here to reserve or report. 

You don’t have to make new account for role playing. Just use your role userpic, tag and put the name on the subject every time you post something, so we can recognize who you are. And any official userpic for role play should contain “SJ” letter. Again, ELF doesn't have to do this (not obligatory but it's better if ELF doesn't use an avatar that contains solo suju member (couple pic or group pic is okay) while posting in the comm to avoid any confusion between the RPers and ELF). 

If you take both suju and and non-suju roles and you want to drop one of them, or you will be away or too busy that you can't post anything for months, you may drop your role so anyone else can take it or hold it. You CAN'T have your role back once you drop it. Go here to drop or hold. 


Posting access will be given only for them whose role is on the characters list. If anyone out of it want to post something, you'll need to request the posting access to the moderators. Message me or uranaikko with brief explanation about what do you want to post after requesting. 

Give your entry proper tags. I've made some tags here. Check it out before posting. 

Write in literal way only, please. 

All role play entries should be friend locked

You can bring up any random subjects, but of course it has to be suju-related. Pics, fanarts, any rumors and news are also welcomed. Place it all under the LJ CUT. Teaser should be not larger than 400x200 pixels. Don't forget to give credits. 

. Disputing is fine, though, because the members do it sometimes, but of course, it’s supposed to be among the characters, not among us and DON’T BRING IT TO OUR REAL LIFE. 

You will have to post at least one post [NOT comment] per month to keep your role on you
, or the maintainers will give it to other applicants unless you hold it. It’s to make sure everyone will be active. 

OOC (Out of Character) entry is allowed and you don't have to lock it if you want to. But again, give your entry the proper tag. OOC entry can be suggestion or anything related to this community or super junior. If you make a new layout for this comm, for example, you may post it here and tag it as an OOC entry. You don't need to use rp userpic for posting this. 

Further rules and tutorial for RPing can be found here.

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