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koneko1988 in suju_life

[POST] Super Junior fanart!

Hi! :D
I decided to post my SuJu poster here XD LOL...or I should write...fragments of my poster XD

I forgott about Hanni O__O;...here he is ^^

Well...hope you like them XD


I love them! *_*!
I wish that I could draw them like you.
>.> Even if I can drab.. cute.. I can't draw them propertly
*O*! Love it! I will save them! *_*!
bascbsacvhdcn thank you thank you!!!<33333 I love you for loving them! *O*
And I love you for loving me for loving them! *O*!
wow.. that's so cute... even zhou mi and henry are there. Cute cute drawings. Thanks for sharing!!! ^_^

P.S. Was Hankyung missing?
omg...you're so right!!!! I forgott to put here Gege!!!!*FAILS* I'll fix it later X__X sorry Hanni~! DX
I already told you what I think about these pics.. xDDD
But I still want to steal Hyukkie from here. *steals and runs away* ♥♥♥♥♥♥

check my post NOW coz Hyuk's waiting 4 Hae to death! xDDDD
So Cute!!! ^^
I love Sungmin and Leeteuk, *saves to harddrive*
I don't have the time to do complete pics... (Damn college and homework)

But I love these XD
haha thank you :D I'm happy you like them :D
glad you like themm~~!!!!*___*


Your drawing is ADORABLE! Viva la colouring.. You're good at that xDDD
I love your Sungmin, but why he looks so solemn? Oh, he missed Kyuhyun, didn't he? XD

*stole Hyuk too LOL*
thank youuu~~~!!!!:DDDD
yes he missed his Kyu-bunny ^^
DON'T TAKE MY HYUK or I'll take your Nggeng. xPP
WEH, Hyuk ude mana Donge jg dHMin..
Am still AMBEG wit Geng xp

but don't take him, Ma!
awwww~~ so cuuuuuuuuuuute~~ ≡(^ . ^)≡

I wanted to say which of them I like the most but...
I can't decide which is the best o(≧∀≦)o

really good work~~!!
It's so cute..
You really have talent^^
Thanx for sharing..